All of the photos in my portfolio are for sale in several formats. I use premium high gloss paper unless you request otherwise. I have premium matte paper also. 8x10" unmatted prints are $10.00 each  (discounts for bulk purchases), 8x10" matted (11x14" mats) prints are $15.00, 8x10" matted and framed prints are $35.00. I also do canvas wrap prints (8x10", plastic frames) for $20.00.  Shipping is extra, local delivery or pick-up is welcome.  Just send me an email to: [email protected] and tell me which photo(s) you are interested in and what format you would like. All the pictures are named/numbered (ex. "sunset 7"). I accept cash, Paypal, local checks, cashier's checks and money orders.
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He Mele No Lilo
Mark Keali'i Ho'omalu and the North Shore Children's choir & Key Cygnetures (Lilo & Stitch)