Pet Photography Package 1

For $50 I will take 30-40 photos of your dog, cat, horse or other pet. I will choose the best ones and print them out and put them on a CD-rom for you. You will get 4 8"x10" glossy prints, 6 5"x7" prints and 3"x5" prints of all the good ones. Additional travel fees apply if I am going further than 20 miles from Cambridge, MD.

Other events (parties, news events, family reunions, animals, scenery/nature shoots). Anything you desire to be photographed. 

For $50 you will get 4 8"x10" prints, 4 5"x7" prints, 12 3"x5" prints and a CD of all the photos.  I will also email you the photos.


"Add a testimonials about your business here"      - Customer Name

"Add a testimonial about your business here"      - Customer Name